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A word from our new president and executive committee. 

Special thanks to our very own, Dr. Bryan Hoskins for his presentation at our recent meeting regarding Population Characteristics that Influence Movement Speeds.

This was a very interesting look at egress and the factors that are used to calculate egress in certain types of structures.  It explored the origin and use of current factors related to this topic and made for a very interesting and thought provoking discussion.

For those national SFPE members that were not able to make it please visit the national SFPE web page and look for Dr. Hoskins' upcoming webinar where he will delve deeper into this subject.    

Also please keep an eye on the upcoming events section of this page for news regarding our next meeting.  As in the past our meetings will still be held on the third Thursday of the month.   We will continue to reach out to our membership this year to assist in increasing the knowledge of the group not only by sharing topics that they would like to have presented at our meetings, but also to present topics pertaining to their areas of knowledge.    

Remember we also want to start increasing our membership by partnering with other outside groups.  Groups like AIA, FMAO, and other groups that have similar interests to ours.

So I want to once again let you know that FMAO will be hosting a day of learning on Tuesday, March 7th.  Please stop by their website or click here for more information or to sign up.  They will be talking about a couple of topics that will be very interesting and applicable to what we do so I hope to see as many folks there as possible.

Looking forward to a great year.

Thank you,

Jon Roberts CBO, CFM

Chapter President

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The Oklahoma chapter of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (OK SFPE) was approved by SFPE National in October 2012 and scheduled its first official meeting in January 2013. The chapter intends to hold regular events which benefit engineers, authorities having jurisdiction, contractors, manufacturers, architects, and all other stakeholders.

All stakeholders are strongly encouraged to participate in the chapter events. It is the chapter's position that all stakeholder groups can learn from each other and it is one of the chapter's goals to foster communication between these groups.

What you will find on this website:

  • Event registration
  • Previous event records
  • Committee members
  • Technical resources
  • Discussion forum
  • Chapter details and documents
Thank you for visiting our website, we look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Upcoming OK SFPE events

OK SFPE January Meeting- Election of new officers.

OK SFPE February Meeting - Featured Presentation: Dr. Bryan Hoskins, OSU, discussing Population Characteristics that Influence Movement Speeds.

OK SFPE March Meeting - Featured Presentation: Linear heat detection (More details coming soon)

OK SFPE Expo and Golf Tournament (To be determined).


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